Top 7 Traditional Must-try Desserts in Peru

Are you having anxieties on where to bring your date and what to eat with her? Worry no more because here, we are providing you with ideas that will surely work for your date with a Peruvian lady. Start booking a flight to Peru now and have a taste with these drooling desserts with your lover!

One of the best parts in traveling is to try the country’s best cuisines and desserts. Undeniably, Peru has a lot to offer. If you have an insatiable craving for sweets, Peru can provide you more to satisfy your sugar craving. With a combination of Spanish taste and native culinary influences, Peru makes special, interesting and tasty desserts. Try and enjoy these traditional desserts with your Peruvian date. Here are some that you must try:

  • Mazamorra Morada


This dessert originated in Lima, Peru. The said city has long and dreary winters, thus, its citizens have developed several toasty desserts in order to keep themselves warm during cold seasons. Mazamorra Morada is one of those desserts which is mostly eaten during winter and spring months. It is made from purple corn, cinnamon and clove with a variety of fruits such as cherry, apricot, pineapple and peach. For its mixture, sweet potato flour is used to thicken it or make it appear gelatin-like.


  • Suspiro de Limeña


Suspiro de limeña was invented by Amparo Ayarza, the wife of the poet Jose Galvez. This classic dessert was named Suspiro de limeña which means “sigh of a woman from Lima”. Amparo named it such because of its light and sweet nature. It is made of manjar blanco, a type of sweetened milk paste, with port wine merengue and cinnamon. Suspiro de limeña is a classic dessert that is most popular in the city of Lima.



  • Picarones


Picarones is a type of donut which is made up of sweet potato and squash, hence making it unique. This Peruvian dessert first appeared in cookbooks during the mid-19th century. Once fried, these Picarones are topped with chancaca, a syrup consisting of raw, unrefined sugar from sugarcane which is usually flavored with orange peel and cinnamon. Prepare you taste buds with these flavorful donuts!


  • Guargüeros


Guargüeros is a traditional dessert in Peru which originated in the Southern region of Peru. It is made up of fried dough and manjar blanco filling. This dessert is very common in cities like Arequipa, Cusco and Tacna. It is budget-friendly too and can be done easily. You may also want to make this for your lover to make it extra special. The ingredients of this dessert include flour, salt, egg yolks and pisco. With these four ingredients, you can already make a tasty dessert for your Peruvian girlfriend.

  • Frejol Colado


This dessert is often eaten during Holy Week. Its recipe includes cooked black beans which are mixed with sugar, milk and chancaca to form a smooth puree. The sweetened black bean dessert is topped with ground cinnamon or roasted sesame to make it look more delicious and appealing to people. Frejol Colado originated among communities of Afro-Peruvians.


  • Champús



This fruity dessert is best-loved in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It is made with maize and fruits such as pineapple, quince or guanábana, and is sweetened with panela. Champús is seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and orange tree leaves. This dessert is served hot, which makes a great dessert for winter months. In Lima and other Peruvian cities, this dessert is often sold by street vendors.

  • Lúcuma Ice Cream




If you’re already bored of eating ice cream with mango, ube and chocolate flavors, try this one out! Lucuma is called “eggfruit” in English. It is basically a subtropical fruit which grows at the valleys of Andes and its taste is similar to that of sweet potatoes. Lucuma is a popular flavoring for ice cream and other desserts in Peru. Give this a consideration for a new taste of sweets!

Indeed, some of these desserts are perfect for cold months! When you get to travel Peru during winter seasons, be sure to taste those mouth-watering desserts. Meet single Peru ladies as you travel in Peru, a world-class cultural and culinary destination, and experience a lifetime of genuine affection and companionship.

Best Destinations to Take a Date in Lima, Peru

Best Destinations To Take A Date In Lima, Peru

Peru is a big country which takes pride in its famous tourist destinations worldwide. By its capital alone, Lima, Peru has everything what it takes to make your date a cherishable one. You wouldn’t just love women from Peru; you’ll do as well with its tourist attractions. If you are confused as to where to bring your date, worry no more about the places because here, we will be giving you ideas as to where to bring your girl for more romantic and memorable dates. Starting from the most romantic location, take into account these perfect places:

  • Parque del Amor de Miraflores (Park of Love)noticia-miraok (1)

This park is located in the district of Miraflores. By just the name itself, you can already recognize it as one of the most romantic places which couples used to visit. In there, you can see a monument of a couple kissing. It is where lots of couples come and sit at the monument’s foot to watch the beautiful sunset. If you try to look down over Costa Verde, you can see people surfing or hearing the loud sound of the waves. You can also rent bikes with your date right before the sunset and have a ride to San Isidro. Coffee shops along its way are several. So, you can both grab a cup of coffee and still be able to enjoy the astonishing view of the Pacific Ocean. Every 14th of February, the Park of Love used to hold a competition for couples. The competition is for the couples who can hold a kiss for the longest time possible. Also, you can both enjoy yourselves by reading love phrases written by famous Peruvian authors. The view is breathtaking which surely would make your date a perfect one.


  • Rosa Naútica Restaurant:


la-rosa-nautica-lima (1).jpg

Along the Park of Love, you can find an amazing restaurant which caters mouthwatering food if you reach at the bay side of the sea. The said restaurant in Lima has been there for many years. As a matter of fact, countless people (tourists or not) have taken a photo of and with the beautiful restaurant. However, as you can see, the Rosa Naútica Restaurant is shouting elegance because the food there is not really cheap. Also, it does not take reservations but rather follows a first come first served basis.


  • Puente de los Suspiros’ in Barranco (Bridge of Sighs):


bridge_of_sighs (1).jpg

The district of Barranco is also considered as the Bohemian of Lima. The first three places mentioned seem connected. Once you pass by the Miraflores, you can find this amazing place too. This place is a must visit in Peru if you are looking for a more intimate and romantic location. It will be lit up during the night (as what can be seen in the picture) which makes every couple’s date a perfect one. Technically, you can have two options. First, you can have a walk by the Bridge of Sighs while loading your eyes with delightful view and find some restaurants downward. Second, you can go to the higher part of it and find a narrower path which leads to the end of the cliff if you keep walking. There, you can spot people with their drums and guitar playing songs you will get to love. Moreover, Lima’s traditions say that when you are going to the Bridge of Sighs for the first time, you must cross the bridge while holding your breath and ask for a wish. Your wish will be fulfilled if you make it across the bridge holding your breath. Try this when you get to visit this place with your Peruvian lady.


  • Parque de Aguas:


reserva (1).png

Parque de Aguas is a colossal park with thirteen (13) water fountains. The given picture is just one of the said water fountains. Each of the water fountain is different from the other. The best time to go in this place is during the night. It is not a-so-private place, thus, you can visit anytime you want, enjoy the colorful fountains and walk through its parks. Parque de Aguas is one of the most visited place by tourists, adults and children. You can enjoy the alluring fountains, so as its music in the background. Nobody has been in this location without being stunned by its beauty. Bringing your Peruvian date here is a must.


  • El Parque el Olivar de San Isidro (The Park of Olivar):


pq-el-olivar3 (1).jpg

If you want a more-walk date, visit this place and have a stroll between the trees that are mainly more than 400 years old. When you visit Lima, Peru, you should get to see the beauty of the Park of Olivar. To add up, you will find here the olive tree of happiness which was said to be planted by one of the Peruvian saints named San Martin de Porres. Be entertained by the beauty nature has to offer; more importantly, savor the refreshing atmosphere with your lovely date.

Your visit in Peru which is geared to find Peruvian women seeking foreign men won’t appear monotonous because of those destinations mentioned above. Check those out and start booking your flight now to enjoy the said attractions with the hope of finding your match among marriage-minded Peru women. Fall in love with the women and the place itself!

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